The Floor is where all cultures unite.

We come together to create the level which is non-existent in most buildings, the 13th Floor.

Our brand is driven by conscious consumerism. The culture fuels our company.

The 13th Floor Arts Society is a creative community build by the participants (you).

Our mission is providing resources for individuals seeking personal development and self empowerment. We promote conscious consumerism,  the culture creates the demand which moves our brands.

LEVEL13 is a member supported independent media platform dedicated to the free exchange of knowledge, community building, self reliance, sustainability, and freedom of creative expression.

We are an innovative employee owned  company focused on providing the space for creatives to express themselves, provide occupational mentorship, and help expand professional network for our members.

If you have the know how, teach and share the knowledge. If you like making things, build/create.

We are not just a company. WE ARE A COMMUNITY!